Quick Answers


 We are pleased that you have taken interest in using our online giving system.  To insure proper maintenance and security, we have decided to use a third party, Stewardship Technologies.  Below you can find some answers to some common questions that one might have. 


Is it secure?
Yes. To insure proper security of our online giving site we have decided to use Stewardship Technologies. 
Is there support?
One can find technical support from the home page under the tab labeled "Support".
Will I receive a giving statement?
Yes.  The church will be notified about your donation and will keep records just as if you were to place your tithing envelope in the offering plate. You may also print out your own giving information from the online website.
What If I need to change my account information?
You may change your account information at any time, which includes the following: personal information, passwords, and account information.
We encourage all users to read the User Agreement before signing up.  The User Agreement provides more detailed information about all of these topics and more.